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▼ CNC wood machining 


▼ CNC Woodworking

▼ Die Casting Manufacture 

Die casting is a manufacturing process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a die cavity.

4 axis CNC milling

Typical CNC tools support translation in 3 axes; multiaxis machines also support rotation around one or multiple axes.


Vibratory Finish Machine

Processing metal products generate a lot of burs. The vibratory finish machine uses high pressure vibration, grindstones and chemical agents to polish and deburr metal parts automatically. The surface will become smooth and with nicer texture. It's an crucial procedure before powder coating or electroplating. 

Liquid Coating

New formulations in liquid paint have low levels of volatile organic compounds and are HAPs-compliant and chrome-free, designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates making liquid spray paints more environmentally friendly.